Sunday, May 13, 2012

Open House

 On June 23rd/24th weekend I'll be having an open house to show the burl. You're welcome to stop by 271 Day Rd. Duncan, B.C. to see this 6.5 year art project. There will be a door prize as described in a previous post, and a donation box. Proceeds will go to Canucks Place Children's Hospice. On this same weekend my neighbor Bernadette McCormick will be holding an art show.

 I hope to find a good place to display the burl before another winter and will welcome your ideas. A lot of people ask what I'm going to name it, that's an easy one. It'll be called 'Murfitt' after the late Peter Murfitt, for obvious reasons. I honestly think I would have lost the battle with the elements had it not been for Pete. Even with the protection of the burl shack, it was a constant battle with fungus for the first few years. The battle is over now, and it will last forever as long as it goes indoors.

 If you have any questions please use the comment section on this blog. I love to talk about it so please feel free to ask.
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