Saturday, September 07, 2013

It's real name is 'Murfitt' but I call it 'therapy'

The burl has a name because most people that touch it ask what I'll name it. My answer was always "maybe 10 years after" but the true name is "Murfitt" after the late Peter Donald Murfitt.  Pete was a stranger to me but when he saw the burl seven years ago he offered to help me get it protected from the weather. He built the burl shack at his shop and I helped him set it up over the burl. A month and a half later he passed away from cancer. He told me he wasn't feeling good but I had no idea of the extent.  I missed his funeral because Paula read me the obituary a couple hours after the funeral had taken place. We had become good friends in a short time but I never really had the chance to thank him so he really knew what it meant to me. So, it's obvious what the name of the burl should be. 

I need a way and a place to display the burl where thousands of people can see it. I'm always deeply encouraged by the comments of people that actually touch it. That's when the 6.5 years of labour/therapy seems worth while. Even people that have seen pictures of it are in shock when they first touch it.

"Having dreams is what makes life tolerable" Author unknown (to me).