Sunday, June 24, 2012

Successful open house!

My family and friends helped make the open house a ton of fun and a very successful fundraising event. The Canucks Place Children's Hospice will receive a nice significant amount of money thanks to everybody that gave a donation. If you were here I'm sure you enjoyed your visit and I thank you for your donation. The pool cue winners name will be announced on this blog after we make the draw later this week.

It's impossible to keep track of how many people came this weekend but we're thinking 500 to 600. Thank you Kevin Rothbauer of the Cowichan Valley Citizen for an excellent job of writing the article that came out June 15th.
It was an extreme pleasure for me to connect with a lot of old and new friends as well as the many people I didn't know until this weekend. Thanks for coming!

If you missed it and would like to see 'Murfitt' Call me at 250-746-0075 or Leave a comment on this post and we'll figure out when you could do that. Or Facebook me at www.glen.mcleod.5
photos by good ol Warren Lange.
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