Wednesday, August 20, 2014

TimberKing Bryan Reid Sr. visits burl shack

Bryan Reid Sr July 19

The TimberKings on HGTV was a hit to me the first time I watched it. After that I never missed an episode and have now watched many of them more than once.

The skill and workmanship that goes into building Pioneer Log Homes fascinates me. The homes they build are absolutely beautiful! There are so many people involved and you can't help but like the characters that work for Bryan Reid Sr. (Founder of Pioneer Log Homes). 

I was able to contact Mr. Reid to see if he'd be able to make time to visit the burl shack. A bit of a long shot but I knew that if he saw it he'd have an appreciation for the time and passion that's been put into it. 

To my pleasant surprise there was a message one day from him saying he'd be in town and we could meet.

Bryan Reid Sr. is as nice a guy in real life as he seems on the TimberKings. Paula and I really enjoyed sharing stories with him. He thought the burl was "over the top", and it was a thrill to hear those words coming from him. 

The next season of the TimberKings starts in January on HGTV. A Must See!