Thursday, March 08, 2012

Albert Chow

A few years ago I received a call from Albert Chow, a man who was unknown by me at that time. He told me he'd been talking to a friend of mine that told him about my burl. He said he made pool cues and asked if I'd be interested in selling him pieces of burl maple.

I told him to come on over and see if I had any pieces that he could work with. He came over with his daughter and as it turned out I did. The pieces he chose had been trimmed off the burl when I first removed it and stored with the other trimmings. When I told him he could take the wood at no cost he responded by offering to make me a cue.

I told Albert that if he made me a cue, I'd raffle it off and give the money to the a children's hospice.

A few months later a business card was in my mail box. It said Komodo Authentic Cues on the front and had a hand written note on the back. It said "Hi Glen, I came by to drop off your cue. I'll call to see when your available. Albert

I happened to be working in the area where Albert lives so I stopped by his place. He showed me around his shop and then gave me one of the nicest pool cues I've ever seen. Beautifully built out of wood from my burl, unbelievable! Not only did he give me the cue, but he supplied a vinyl case and in the case he placed a chalk. One of his customers had come to his house and tried it out. He told Albert it was the nicest solid hitting cue he's ever played with. He offered to buy it but Albert, being a man of his word, refused to part with it. My respect level for him is very high for this reason.

So now it's time for me to live up to my word and use it to raise money for the children's hospital.

I'll post details on this blog early in June and hopefully you can make it.

Thank you Albert Chow!

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