Saturday, June 30, 2012

Queenie; her visit! and the pool cue draw

I picked Queenie up today at the Crofton BC Ferries Dock at 11:20am. A very sweet little lady, we connected instantly and it was a very informative and interesting ride to my place. She has accomplished a lot in her life and is determined to continue doing so for a lot longer. We went straight to the burl and she touched it and loved it for a while, and met my family and friends. Warren Lange was there and shortly after, Albert Chow came with his daughter Trinity.

It was another good day, Queenie, who I bet was a bit of a firecracker in her younger days, looked over Alberts beautiful Komodo pool cue. Paula dumped all the folded papers into a big pot and I brought it out for Queenie to make the draw.

Congratulations to Wyn and Wendy Bunston of Victoria, Queenie drew your name. I phoned right away and told Wendy, she sounded like she couldn't believe it. Wyn was at that time looking at some of the photos he had taken of "Murfitt" on his computer. They sounded pretty happy, and the best part about it is: Wyn is a pool player. Enjoy it Wyn, that cue has a TON of character!, and a very interesting story just like Queenie.

Thanks to Warren I have about 50 more pictures, and he even already brought discs so I could post them here.

Thanks to Paula for being such an excellent hostess, we had a great lunch and an easy time. That's just what you do!

Thanks Albert for your workmanship, and friendship.

Thanks to Lia, Tara, Becky for coming and for all your help and support.

Thank you Myrna and Barry, Fiona and Barry, Jackie and Dave for being there and helping at the open house.

Thanks to Serious Coffee for donating the coffee and cups, and the Highland Dance Club for the big tent.

Thanks to all friends and family, and everybody that donated to the Canucks Place Childrens Hospice. We raised a total of $1,700. It wouldn't have been possible without each one of you doing what you did.

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